About Dudley LOC

Dudley Local Optical Committee is the organisation representing General Ophthalmic Service(GOS) contract holders and optometrists performing GOS in Dudley and liaises with the NHS England and CCGs on matters relating to eye-care.

Committee meetings take place at least 3 times a year. All are welcome to attend.

We strongly encourage contractors and performers in the Dudley area to bring any concerns they may have to us. Any queries or matters you would like brought to the attention of the committee please contact us.

Email updates

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The LOC do not provide OSCEs. The national Eyecare Company may, from time to time, put these on locally. Candidates are expected to pay their own fees upfront, and if they pass they may be able to claim fees from their local LOC. They would need a contractor registered in the area to sign a claim form for them. Dudley LOC has decided it will not fund OSCEs.

Business Plan

The LOC produces a business plan each year setting out its goals and budget. Here is the Dudley LOC Business Plan 2022-23


Dudley LOC contributes to Local Optical Committee Suport Unit which is a national body that supports and advices LOCS. Here is a document outlining the benefits of membership.


The LOC is governed by a constitution. Nationally, a model constitution is written by LOCSU on behalf of the optical confederation and approved by NHS England/Department of Health. Dudley LOC adopted the most recent version of this at our AGM in 2017. This is available below.

Dudley LOC Constitution (June 2017)


At our committee meeting on 7th January 2019 it was agreed that, when asked by third parties to publicise events etc., the LOC would post to Facebook and twitter a brief message regarding the event’s existence allowing local practitioners to enquire further. The LOC will not endorse third party events. This policy will be applied to all future requests for publicity.

Dudley Vision Strategy

The Dudley Vision Strategy Stakeholder Group recently released its Vision Strategy for Dudley.

Officers and Committee

Officers are elected annually at the first committee meeting following the AGM. One third of the committee is elected at each AGM. Below is the current committee, followed by a P for performer or C for contractor and their end of term in brackets.

Chair Shamina Asif P(2023) Secretary Paul Sidhu P(2024)
Vice Chair Jasheen “Sheena” Mangat P(2024) Treasurer David Wright C(2023)
CPD Officer Roseline Birhah P(2024)

The other Committee members are:

Shazad Mahmood P(2022) Sunit Jolly C(2023)
Kay Reeves P(2023) Mark Tuffin C(2023)
Sonia Tyrrell Co-opted DO Nichola Ferguson C(2024)
Gurdeep Dosanjh C(2024) Hussnan Ejaz C(2024)
Charles Barlow P(2022) Vacant P(2022)
Vacant C(2022) Vacant C(2022)



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