IOP Repeat Measures

The following service is launching on 3rd September 2018 in Dudley. If you are interested in joining, or for information including protocols go to this page.

The Patient must have a Dudley CCG GP. You may be able to offer this to patients with a Birmingham or Black Country CCG GP, but you need to be aware there are some differences in protocol that you will need to follow.

The IOP repeat measures service provides primary care repeat readings to deflect unnecessary referrals to secondary care.

Patients who are identified as having IOP ≥ 24 mmHg and no other signs of glaucoma during a GOS or private sight test will have immediate slit lamp GAT or Perkins tonometry.

If IOP still ≥ 24mmHg patient returns within 1 month for second repeat.

You must complete the Optomanager record and where required Optomanager will send referral to chosen provider and copy to GP for information.