Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are held at least 3 times a year. Minutes from committee meetings are presented to the following meeting for approval so that those present can confirm they are an accurate record of proceedings. For this reason the most recent minutes should be considered to be a draft until approved at the following meeting.

1st Mar 2021 14th June 2021 9th Aug 2021 8th Oct 2021
3rd Feb 2020 18th May 2020 13th July 2020  5th October 2020 7th Dec 2020
7th Jan 2019 1st April 2019 10th June 2019 9th Sept 2019 25th Nov 2019
5th Feb 2018  16th Apr 2018 16th July 2018 8th Oct 2018 Apdx. 8th Oct 2018
30th Jan 2017
Apx. 30 Jan 17
23rd March 2017  15th May 2017  4th Sept 2017  20th Nov 2017
11th Jan 2016 18th April 2016   6th June 2016  12th Sept 2016
9th Feb 2015 20th April 2015 6th July 2015 5th Oct 2015
24th Feb 2014 28th April 2014 2nd June 2014 8th Sept 2014 1st Dec 2014

Minutes 2010 to 2013 (including AGMs)

Available Minutes pre 2010


Held annually, minutes are also presented to the following AGM for approval so the most recent minutes should be considered to be a draft until approved.

Dudley LOC AGM 14th June 2021 – Minutes


Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 17th June 2019

Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 25th June 2018

Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 26th June 2017

Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 27th June 2016

Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 15th June 2015

Dudley LOC AGM Minutes 19th May 2014