Meeting Documents

For those who are new to LOC meetings, we have prepared thisĀ Guide to LOC acronyms (updated Nov 17)

Meetings are usually held at Russells Hall Education Centre. Click here for directions.

This page holds documents for upcoming/recent committee meetings. Documents will be uploaded at the same time as formal invites go out. Documents may be added or amended right up to the day of the meeting.

Monday 20th November 2017

Starting at 6:30pm

Russells Hall Education Centre, first floor.

It would be great to see as many people there are possible!

Please see below for relevant documents:


NOC report

PECHOWMLtd Meeting Minutes 12.10.2017

Hot Brief Issue 62 – October 2017 (final)

Minutes 4th Sept 2017

HWMOC Minutes 12-10-17

The minutes will only be adopted once confirmed as an accurate record.

NB this is not a CET event

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Documents from previous meetings



Hot Brief Issue 59 – June 2017

Hot Brief Issue 60 – July 2017

Hot Brief Issue 61 – August 2017 (final)

Dudley LOC minutes 15th May 2017

PECHOWMLtd Meeting Minutes 29.06.2017

HWMOC Minutes 29-06-17

Dudley conflicts_of_interest_form_Blank



Draft Dudley LOC Business Plan 2017-18


Dudley-LOC-Minutes-23rd March 2017

Hot Brief Issue 57 – March 2017

Agenda 27th March 2017

Dudley-LOC-Minutes-30th January 2017

Hot Brief Issue 55 – January 2017 final

Secretary’s report March 2017

LOC Model Constitution Nov 2016

Updates in 2016 Constitution