Wet AMD Pathway

Suspect Wet AMD should be referred to Russells Hall Hospital urgently by FAX to 01384 244880. To protect yourself you should confirm receipt by phoning the secretary on 01384 244812.

Strictly the protocol requires the referral be made on a Dudley GOS18 form.

It is important you follow this pathway for suspect Wet AMD as if you don’t, and the patient is not seen with due urgency, you could be considered negligent.

The Macula clinic contact advise for patients is as follows:

Russells Hall (Eye Clinic) – (01384) 456111 ext 3633 or 3625

Russells Hall (appointments – Secretary – Jo Ward) – (01384) 456111 ext 3029 (between 9.00am and 2.00pm).

To confirm the latest numbers please see the Ophthalmology Department’s web page at http://dudleygroup.nhs.uk/services-and-wards/ophthalmology/